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Anonymous: You said we can talk to you? Uh, I've lied about many things. Many things I am not ready to come clean about. But the guilt is tearing me apart. It breaks me down everyday. Memories that haunt me break me down. I was forced to go to a doctor for this but I, again. Lied about everything. I can't stop. I can't take it anymore though. Can you give me some advice? Or something to at least help me get through another day? Thank you<3

darling know that we are all not perfect and we all have things were not proud of. you are no different than anyone else, this is just something your struggling with. try super hard to be honest to your doctor. he/she are the ones that can really help you. be honest with yourself and know that you are a person just like everyone else who makes mistakes but can get out of them. im proud of you for telling me this, it takes a lot of guts! If you want to talk about it off anon id be more than happy to talk to you. I’m proud of you love!!

Anonymous: I feel the need to cut tonight. I have been clean for 33 days and i dont know how much longer i can stay clean for. Ps i love your blog♡

hey love first of all I am so so sooo proud of you. you are so strong and I know you can fight the urge. cutting won’t solve any problem. it will make it worse. will you go off anon and I talk with you on private? you can talk to me about anything! and thanks darling!!